Winter 2015 - Final Contributors: Ben Coon (story); Donna M. Davis (poems); Heath Brougher (poem); Joan McNerney (poem); John Grey (poem); Lorna Pominville (poems); Norma West Linder (poem); Paul Davis (poem); Sara Etgen-Baker (story); Teresa Karlinski (story); Yuan Changming (poem)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Calling for submissions

The summer issue is online. Check it out under the "2014" tab.

Summer is approaching. For some people, the season conjures up negative emotions and images of suffocating heat, sweat, and sunburned skin. But let's not think of that; let's look at the positive aspects. After all, my mission in creating this magazine is to stimulate and engage the senses of the reader by helping them see the beauty in each season.

I am calling for submissions from writers who can transport the reader to pristine beaches, still waters, quiet walks--well, you get the idea. You can do it through stories, poems, nonfiction articles, essays, haikus, or other forms. I want to feel the heat rise from the page. I want to hear the children laugh as they make sandcastles on the beach. I want to taste the barbeque sauce on the steak that's hot off the grill.

I look forward to seeing your sizzling submissions. See the guidelines here.

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