Winter 2015 - Final Contributors: Ben Coon (story); Donna M. Davis (poems); Heath Brougher (poem); Joan McNerney (poem); John Grey (poem); Lorna Pominville (poems); Norma West Linder (poem); Paul Davis (poem); Sara Etgen-Baker (story); Teresa Karlinski (story); Yuan Changming (poem)


I am happy to see you are considering being published in Halcyon. Three notes before reading the guidelines.

If your submission has any of the following areas, it will most likely result be rejected:

  1. Failure to format email subject line - This is the #1 flag I have come across. I publish several magazines. If you haven't entered the requested subject line, you probably haven't read the writers guidelines, either. However, mistakes happen. I'll allow one correction (send the same manuscript one more time with the correct subject line). Email formatting guidelines are at the bottom of the page. DO NOT send emails with "Poems" or "No Subject" or something similar. PLEASE help me get you published by following this guideline. 
  2. Failure to stick to the word count - Some writers have submitted stories that were 9 pages long! How many are requested below? A maximum of three pages! Automatic rejection.
  3. Failure to stick to the requested content - Your submission may be terrific. But if it is 60-90% negative (yes, I have received some), it won't be accepted.
NOTE: Without advertisers, I can't afford to give contributor copies. However, the magazine will be online. Printed copies, ebooks, or subscriptions can be purchased. 
Now for the guidelines:
Poetry - Length: up to 30 lines, 1.5 margins, POV 3rd. Now accepting 1st person pov if told in the perspective of an inanimate object or animal (boat, flower, pier, caterpillar). Describe how the object or animal feels as it experiences the season!
Instils a sense of well being and inspiration. Light or deep, it should be something that makes the reader want to dwell on what they read, and then reread the poem. It should be a symphony of words and sounds. Can be any form including haikus; I may include up to three in the same issue. Think unstressed, peace, relax, dream, create. (See example tab.) I prefer punctuated poems, and those where the first words are NOT all capitalized.

Short Stories - Length: up to three pages, single spaced, 1.5 margins, POV 3rdNow accepting 1st person pov if told in the perspective of an inanimate object or animal (boat, flower, pier, caterpillar). However, the story must include an event that happens to the object. Describe how the object or animal feels as it experiences the season!
Conveys characters that learn about themselves and others, who see the glass half full. By the end of the story, they make a difference in the lives of others. Please include a 1-3 sentence (or 50 word) teaser for your piece. Place it before the first paragraph (in the document) or in the body of the email.

Have a short introduction as to when it would be useful.
     If you need to unwind after a hard day at work, try this recipe/drink...
Include ingredients, instructions, and how long it takes to make it. If you can, provide at least three pictures to show the steps or the end product.

Non-fiction Articles - Length: two pages maximum, single spaced.
Includes topics that provide ways for the reader to:
  • relax 
  • make a difference in someone's life 
  • inspire creativity
  • discover scenic locations for vacations
  • (see Extras page for sample headlines)
If you have an idea for an article and want to know if it would be suitable, just email me.

Send up to five quotes including source.

Do you have an eye-catching seasonal photo? I am now accepting high-resolution photos. Please attach one or more in an email and add your attribution information.  

Email your submissions to
  • In the subject line type "Halcyon Submission: [poem, story, article, haiku collection, photo, etc.]" Replace the text in brackets to your specific submission.
  • In the body include your contact information, where you found the website, and if you know how to use the comments feature in Word.
  • If acccepted, I'll be asking for a 3-5 sentence bio, an optional photo, and an optional email address for reader feedback.
SPECIAL - If you were, OR ARE, an accepted contributor and can get a friend to submit, both will receive a thank you gift in the mail (providing the friend's submission gets accepted). Mention the contributor in an email with the manuscript.

I am looking forward to your submissions!


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