Winter 2015 - Final Contributors: Ben Coon (story); Donna M. Davis (poems); Heath Brougher (poem); Joan McNerney (poem); John Grey (poem); Lorna Pominville (poems); Norma West Linder (poem); Paul Davis (poem); Sara Etgen-Baker (story); Teresa Karlinski (story); Yuan Changming (poem)


Matt Forrest Esenwine (Summer 2014), 
Voiceover artist and commercial copy writer
Warner, NH
"I first heard of Halcyon Magazine when a fellow writing critique-group partner told me he had a poem published in it. When I took a look at the online edition, I was impressed with how colourful and vibrant the magazine was – nothing at all how I’d imagined. (Keep in mind, we writers of poetry are used to seeing our poems published - if at all - in bland, studious-looking journals that tend to eschew aesthetics for text, text, and more text.)  Halcyon Magazine, on the other hand, is well-laid out with colour photos and a graphic design that encourages the reader to not only read what’s next and keep turning the pages, but to enjoy the experience in such a way that he or she will want to re-read poems and passages to fully appreciate what’s there. And “what’s there” is quality, accessible writing that anyone can appreciate and enjoy; one need not be a poetic scholar or literary academician to be able to understand what has been written. Halcyon Magazine is a literary magazine for everyone, and I encourage you to flip through a few pages and discover it for yourself!"
Matt Forrest Esenwine (Summer 2014), 
Voiceover artist and commercial copy writer
Warner, NH

Kevin Heaton (Summer 2014)
Three-time Pushcart Prize nominee
Aiken, SC, USA
"Halcyon’s Monique Berry refills poetry’s half-empty glass with its first love."

"You are a superb editor. I absolutely love your magazine and cherish the photo presentation which was made for my haiku. Thank you so much for this beautiful publication!"
Joan McNerney (Spring 2014)
Ravena, NY, USA

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