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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Accepting Submissions for the Fall Issue

Welcome to Halcyon Magazine! I hope you are having a cool and relaxing summer. The reading schedule for the fall edition is open and will continue until September 1, 2013.

I am looking forward to this colorful issue. The content and accompanying images made the spring and summer editions beautiful. But oh, the fall publication will be breathtaking!

Henry David Thoreau wrote an example of the type of writing I want in the fall issue.
Notwithstanding the universal barrenness, and the contiguity of the desert, I never saw an autumnal landscape so beautifully painted as this was. It was like the richest rug imaginable spread over an uneven surface; no damask nor velvet, nor Tyrian dye or stuffs, nor the work of any loom, could ever match it. There was the incredibly bright red of the huckleberry, and the reddish brown of the bayberry, mingled with the bright and living green of small pitch pines, and also the duller green of the bayberry, boxberry, and plum, the yellowish green of the shrub oaks, and the various golden and yellow and fawn-colored tints of the birch and maple and aspen, each making its own figure, and, in the midst, the few yellow sand-slides on the sides of the hills looked like the white floor seen through rents in the rug. Coming from the country as I did, and many autumnal woods I had seen, this was perhaps the most novel and remarkable sight that I saw on the Cape. Probably the brightness of the tints was enhanced by contrast with the sand which surrounded this tract. (cite source below)
Notice the description; his word choices bring the paragraph to life by including specific colors. Another example of autumn description is found in John Keat's poem "To Autumn." Whether you submit poetry, haiku, fiction, nonfiction, or recipes, show me specifics. Fill the submission with the senses of the season.

Keywords and concepts to jump start ideas for the fall issue: maple leaf, apples, thanksgiving, change, harvest (effects of doing/saying good things), horn of plenty, dialogue between the leaves and sun, lengthening days, brown fields, good things coming to an end, and preparation.

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